What it is to be a Brother of Misericórdia?

To be a Brother of Misericórdia Fatima-Ourém is to associate oneself with the institution, assuming the moral commitment of support for its activity and pursuit of its mission, through the dissemination of its work, in the collaboration of its progress and development, so as to honor it and make itIt was increasingly efficient and useful, caring, defending and honoring its activity, proceeding with righteous intention and in the service of truth and the common good, without any ambitions or purposes of personal satisfaction.


Individuals of both sexes who are of legal age may be admitted as Brothers; they enjoy a good moral and social reputation; they accept the principles of Christian doctrine and morality and they disclose, by their social conduct or public activity, respect for the Catholic faith and its foundations; and commit to the payment of a minimum annual quota.


  • Participate and vote in the meetings of the General Assembly;
  • Discounts on partner companies

To apply for admission, you must fill out the form below, and the proposal for admission is obligatory to sign by a Brother and by the candidate himself.
For more information on Brother status and conditions of admission, you may consult the Pledge, or contact the administrative services of the institution.