1. Está interessado(a) em tornar-se voluntário(a)?
          Preencha o formulário, e brevemente iremos contactá-lo(a) para lhe dar a conhecer a nossa instituição.
        2. Volunteering is the set of actions of social and community interest, carried out by people who, in a conscious, supportive and disinterested way, provides services to the community through public or private entities, according to their own aptitudes, and their free time.
        3. In the Misericórdia de Fátima-Ourém, volunteers are an integral part of the day-to-day life of the institution, as one of the fundamental pillars for the pursuit of our mission.
          This is a work of contribution and dedication to the community, to the most frail and needy, rewarded by learning and personal enrichment, which is generated in every smile, in every gesture of gratitude, of those who have more needs than us, whether these physical or emotional.
          Anyone can volunteer, regardless of their skills, skills, experience or available time.

        4. Some opportunities for volunteering:

      1. Support in meals and daily hydration;
      2. Animation, through a simple individual conversation, a card game, or more active actions in the scope of leisure of the users, including accompaniment in activities abroad;
      3. Read stories to bedridden patients;
      4. Teaching computer technology in the perspective of the user to the elderly;
      5. Develop stimulation activities with users;
      6. Raise funds for our causes and projects;
      7. Other activities/actions that may benefit quality of life users;
      8. Or even occupy a leadership position in the institution.
              1. Are you interested(a) in becoming a volunteer?
                Fill out the form, and we will contact you soon to let you know about our institution.